Why did you become a hairstylist?
When I was in 2nd Grade I filled out a homework assignment Where Will You Be At 25?’ I said that I wanted to be a ‘hair doer’.

Why did you choose to work at Studio Luxe?
I have always gravitated toward happy, positive people. Once you are surrounded by the right people, everything else just works. Studio Luxe is a positive, fun environment. How could I not choose it?

What is your favorite Davines product?
Invisible Styling Cream. It allows the hair to feel soft, while still giving a little bit of hold. I love to blow dry – so this product allows me to achieve the look that I want.

What influences your style?
I like what makes me feel good. Whether it’s my hair or my clothes, I don’t pay much attention to whats ‘cool or ‘in style. I think if it makes you feel good…go for it!

What do you do with your free time?
Anything active. I love to live a healthy lifestyle. In the winter I play indoor soccer and in the summers I run with my black lab. I also love to find good restaurants. I’m addicted to good food!

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